A Message to P1/2

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the school will be closed for pupils from Monday. (Please see the latest posts on the main school blog regarding Free-School Meals and Key Worker Provision: https://miltonofleysblog.com/2020/03/20/school-closure-update-2/)

To continue teaching and working with your child, all Milton of Leys Pupils will be connecting with their teacher by using Google for Education tools and Google Classroom! I have sent out individual pupil online learning details to your registered parent email address. Please help your child log in and access the online classroom when you can. Next week, Miss Mackenzie and I will be posting some simple activities to get everyone started.

My email address is: anna.shimmield@highland.gov.uk, please get in touch if you have any problems – no matter how big or small. I will try to help. I will have access to my emails during normal school hours and sometimes outwith.

Some children may find this difficult to understand why they cannot go to school or got out to play to see their friends, and the change may unsettle them. Please click the image below for a child-friendly resource which may help explain a little better.

Furthermore, as I have not been at school this week, I have written a message to the pupils…

Dear boys and girls,

You won’t be coming to school next week but that is O.K! Please remember all the things we have been learning about in school – most importantly – remember to be kind to everyone.

Try and help your family at home by doing lots of helpful jobs in the house and by listening to the adults around you. We will be doing some interesting activities online soon, and we will have lots of fun at school when you come back!

It is also really important that you keep washing your hands so that we don’t pass on illnesses to each other.

Take care, help to look after your family at home – and make sure you do lots of reading! We will be doing some fun online activities soon.

See you soon,

Miss Shimmield

Online Digital Learning & Expected School Closure

Hello P1/2! Please make sure you complete the form below and return as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email me at anna.shimmield@highland.gov.uk!

Milton of Leys Primary School

The Scottish government announced today that schools are expected to be closed by the end of this week. As I set out in the letter to all parents/carers today (see link), we will do all we can as a school to support the children and families of our school through this time. As any information is shared, I will update the main school blog so please check this regularly.

Today’s letter concerns updated information to ensure we can support your child’s learning using online digital resources. This letter has been emailed to all parents using the primary parent contact email address kept by the school (ELC and P1-7). You should email the completed form back to the school.

Online Digital Learning.School Closure March 2020

Online Digital Learning.School Closure March 2020 ELC

As soon as we have any more information about school closures, I will share this with you.

Thank you,

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P2 Parents

Just to let everyone know, it is only P2 – Miss Mackenzie’s class who are visiting Eden Court for a performance on Monday. They have been working alongside P6 to do this production. Therefore, the P2 pupils in my class — P1/2 — are not attending the trip on Monday. Sorry for any confusion caused.

There will be a chance for P1/2 to have a school trip and to participate in out-of-school events later in the session.

Many thanks,

Miss Shimmield


Dear Parents,

We were so busy looking for lost hats, gloves and sledges (would you believe it!) that we forgot to give out the homework at the end of the day.

All the children have new reading books and the P2s have a new homework grid. I know some children like to do their homework at the weekend so I will be in school til 6pm today if anybody wishes to pop back up to school to grab it!

If not, the bookbags are happy to wait till Monday!

Happy weekend all!

Miss Shimmield

Term 3 and all is well underway at MOL…

Milton of Leys Primary School

What a busy time with lots of new learning and fun we’ve been having at MOL! Amongst other things, there has been impressive skills development with musical apps, creative guitar and music making, discovering more about the US civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jnr, incredible research into the phases of the moon (with the help of oreos!), buddying, outdoor play, partnering a Shetland school to learn more about communities in different places and planning the learning about the Titanic.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the school on Monday for the P5/6, P6 and P6/7 (P6s of P6/7) assembly – doors open at 2.00pm. Meantime, have a look at the pictures below to see some of what’s been going on at MOL!

Happy Weekend!

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Positive Relationships at MOL

Milton of Leys Primary School

Following last week’s Parent Council meeting, we are pleased to be able to share the school’s Positive Relationships draft policy. This policy updates the school’s behaviour management policy and sets out the school’s current approaches linked to Highland Council guidance. As it sets out in the draft policy we are working on a blueprint which encapsulates the information found in the draft policy, and which will also be shared with parents and the wider community.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the policy, please do not hesitate to email me at meg.snedden@highland.gov.uk

Thank you, Mrs Snedden

MOL Positive Relationships Draft Policy January 2020

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Wee MacNessie Book Launch – Inverness Town House – Saturday 25th January

We love stories in P1/2 and this looks like a fun, family event to get your children inspired to read and explore another language/culture too!


On Saturday 25th January, local author Pauline Mackay is launching her latest Wee MacNessie story in the Inverness Town House starting at 3pm. ‘Wee MacNessie and the Lion Dance’ celebrates Scottish and Chinese culture.

It’s a FREE event! Local children will be reading and singing in Mandarin and there will be a guest appearance from Wee MacNessie himself!

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Festive Fun

Welcome to Term 3! It is lovely to see all the boys and girls back at school, happy and ready to learn!

Here are some late photos from before the holidays… We had a lot of festive fun during that final week of the term!